What Our Community Needs RIGHT NOW!!!

Recently I shared a blog post titled Men wearing Dresses. I’ve received comments from people calling me close minded, saying my post is homophobic and misrepresenting public black figures. I won’t take the time to defend myself against those claims because the people that really know me, know best. Lately the news media is being flooded with tragedy taking place in our black communities. There’s the violence currently going on in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, the ongoing circumstances in the St. Louis community surrounding the death of Michael Brown, we can’t forget the loss of Trayvon Martin and countless other young people (young men and women) taken away by the hands of violence. The numbers are so high it’s impossible to keep an accurate count. As a community we are dealing with not just police brutality but black on black violence that continues to be an issue we have to look at as a community as well. I wish more strong men would stand up and lead our young men especially at a time such as this. I won’t discredit the strong women leaders and mothers taking an active role in getting involved.

Baltimore City’s Chief Prosecutor, Marilyn J. Mosby” I learned very early on that the criminal justice system isn’t just the police, the judges and the state’s attorney,” she said. “It’s much more than that. I believe that we are the justice system. We, the members of the community, are the justice system because we are the victims of crimes.”

I want to applaud Toya Graham, mother shown on CNN chastising her son for throwing objects at officers, said she disciplined him in public because she wanted her son to learn a valuable lesson.


Our young men need strong men to lead them. Now while scrolling through my face book news feed I came across the picture below. I won’t claim to understand the fashion world or even pretend that I care enough about it. But I will say this, the men we need to be leaders to our young black men won’t be showing up in dresses.

Men of fashion

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