Women have Spirit

I received a post card in the mail notifying me that Jaya Goel, MD, was opening in my neighborhood. I was reminded instantly of how I needed to find a new primary care provider and it worked out that the Dr. Goel opened up in my area. I quickly called to schedule an appointment. While in the waiting room I scanned the tables looking for something to read, preferably the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Essence or Ebony. Instead my eyes stopped at the table neatly stacked with health pamphlets. The words “In Your 30’s” jumped off the page and into my lap.

*Now is the time to create a strong foundation to protect your health into the future. These are guidelines only. Your doctor or nurse will personalize the timing of each test to meet your specific healthcare needs. The pamphlet read.

According to the literature I need to schedule: Thyroid test, Blood pressure check, Blood Glucose test, and Cholesterol test, Skin exam and of course stay on top of my immunizations. I didn’t know I’d reached that chapter in my life regarding being concerned about something like my blood pressure. I looked for more information while waiting to be called to the back. I came across a brochure titled Women have Spirit.

St. Lukes’s Spirit of Women is a more personalized health experience that offers health tips and resources, a magazine subscription and invites women to health screenings and other health events. I will be the first to admit that as a woman, taking the time out of my already busy schedule to stay current on something as simple as flu vaccines for me and my family can seem close to impossible while juggling so many other things. It is imperative that everyone even men should take the time to get involved with taking better care of yourself. Start with learning your family’s medical history, stay up to date with your doctor’s appointments. For a listing of upcoming health screenings and events call (314) 205-6654. You can also get information online by going to http://www.stlukes-stl.com/spirit-of-women/index.html

  • The Skinny on fats, Tuesday June 23
  • Mindful Eating workshop, Saturday, July 11
  • Balancing your life Wednesday, August 12
  • Skin Cancer Screening (by appointment only) Saturday, May 16 (314)542-4848