True Athleticism, Heart and Courage

While scrolling through my face book news feed I came across a really beautiful piece of art. Of course social media is trending the usual i.e. Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child by husband Kanye West. Now don’t get me wrong that’s nice for them. But what we don’t see enough of is our young people achieving greatness. Instead we see uploads of teenagers fighting each other, acting a fool in class, doing ridiculous stunts such as setting themselves on fire, or let’s not forget the horrific knock out game.

I took a moment and really looked at the photo. The young ladies running in this photo show strength and are fearless. For a moment these young ladies aren’t concerned with their hair getting wet or if the captain of the football team is watching. These young athletes are running to win. The athleticism in the photo is stunning. I want to take the time to give these young ladies the credit that’s deserved. I applaud them all win or lose.

track ladies pic

Congratulations Hazelwood Central’s Devyn Torbert (785) McCluer North’s DeJha Williams (929) and Kiana Harvey (923)

 Devyn Torbert, DeJha Willaims and Kiana Harvey race in the rain during the Girls Class 5 4×100 meter relay at the Mo. Class 5 Girls State Track & Field Championships Saturday in Jefferson City, Mo. Photo by Wiley Price / St. Louis American

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