12 Films That Made Me Feel

A great film has a talented cast, solid plot, mixed in with some drama, a pinch of comedy and a spoonful of romance. Depending on the direction, a film possesses all of the above.


  1. Love Jones- 1997
  2. Brown Sugar -2002
  3. Two Can Play That Game- 2001
  4. Coming To America-1988
  5. Boomerang- 1992 
  6. Soul Food-1997
  7. Waiting To Exhale-1995 
  8. Love & Basketball- 2000
  9. Boyz N The Hood- 1991
  10. Menace II Society-1993 
  11. Lean On Me-1989
  12. Set It Off- 1996


What are your favorite films? Did your favorite make the cut?



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