Tips To Make This School Year Sucessful

Teacher, parent communication is vital in helping your child to be successful.

It’s important for parents to not wait until the last minute regarding grades. If your child is struggling with a subject, catching it early can help with identifying available resources to help the child succeed.

Attendance is and will always be an important factor. Another thing parents should do is to check to see if their child is showing up to classes late and if they are missing class altogether.

Parents should keep in mind that any changes at home, big or small, should be brought to the child’s school teacher or counselor’s attention.

Of course the frequency of communication between teachers and parents tends to change as the student gets older. However, communication is still vital, even as kids move through high school.

According to Rashida McKinley, Lead Counselor at University City High School, located in St. Louis, Missouri there are a number of things parents should consider to help kids have a successful school year:

Build a rapport with teachers and counselor’s.

Monitor grades and any address concerns immediately.

Attend parent teacher conferences, college planning parent nights, financial aid night, college fairs.

Work closely with school counselor for post secondary planning.

Join Parent Teacher Organization.

Enforce school policy’s.


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