My Love/Hate Relationship With Florida


It’s well into the autumn season and time to say goodbye to¬†wearing shorts, throwing brats on the grill and taking in that natural vitamin D. Wait! Maybe not.

Growing up in the Midwest [St. Louis, MO] September 22nd means hello autumn. The idea of not being able to enjoy fun, summer activities; that in my family revolved around brats on the grill are officially over.

But the idea of not having to shave my legs was the ultimate bonus, up there with using the winter season as an excuse to put on that holiday weight. Then using it as a defense when family or friends comment on how you’ve gotten bigger since the last time they saw you.

Now that I’m a Floridian I’ve lost my cover so to speak. Hence the love/hate relationship.

Living in the sunshine state means, I have to shave my legs more often. I never know when I might end up in a surf’s up situation.

I also have to exercise more often and watch what I eat. I come from a family that majority of our gatherings revolve around delicious food made out of love.


Maybe being here isn’t so bad. I mean I get to share this experience with the ones I love. And maybe I won’t have to give up all of my favorite foods?!! All things in moderation they say.












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