Who Gets The Remote?

Who gets the remote?

After being married for eight years, it appears that my husband decides what we watch on television. Not sure if this is an unwritten rule or just the case in our house.

In any event, shows like: Brooklyn Nine Nine, Ghosted, Superstore and The Big Bang Theory are included in our t.v. lineup.

I’m indifferent when it comes to our shows, as long as I have Queen Sugar.

When deciding what movie to catch, it appears the men rule. My husband and our 18 year old son decide what movies we watch; leaving me out manned once again.

Now this isn’t always the case. I mean I did get to pick “Girl’s Trip”.

Without having to read one comic book, I’ve seen all of the marvel and DC comic characters come to life on the big screen, thanks to being out numbered.

This evening we sat through two hours of Thor: Ragnarok. I watched attentively as Chris Hemsworth, the God of Thunder showed off his muscular physique and wheeled a magical hammer. No complaints at this point.

Idris Elba didn’t disappoint as Heimdall, Thor’s right hand man and gate keeper to Asgard. Seeing him fight off the evil Hela; the Goddess of Death and Thor and Loki’s elder sister and her henchman I was reminded of why he’s one of my favorite actors. Again no complaints. I’ve admired Mr. Elba since Daddy’s Little Girl’s.

I will be the first to admit that even the Hulk smashing everything in sight was somewhat of a treat. Audience members were even given a quick peek at the Hulk’s green Derriere. And still no complaints.

Perhaps being out numbered isn’t so bad after all.




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