Sports Off The Record: Karl Van Buren Talks Colin Kaepernick

After being married for eight years, I know two things are certain regarding Sunday’s; Church in the morning and football the rest of the day. First Thing’s First: Nick Wright and Chris Carter, Undisputed: Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, First Take and Sports Center: with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill are often playing throughout the week. 

I am not particularly interested in football, but I can’t help but have an opinion surrounding the circumstances regarding Colin Kaepernick not being signed. 

Erica: What’s your favorite sport? 

Karl:  Football is my favorite sport, but baseball and basketball are very close behind.

Erica: Have you always been interested in sports?

Karl: Growing up we [neighborhood kids] had to go outside when we came home from school. We loved to throw some kind of ball around. We would pretend we were Ozzie Smith, Michael Jordan or Bo Jackson; we wanted to be one of the greats.

Erica: What’s your favorite football team? 

Karl:  Rams.

Erica: What’s your earliest memory that involved you and some form of sport? 

Karl: My dad use to take me and my friends to cardinals games. He would buy $5 bleacher tickets. He would buy us hot dogs and sodas. We would watch the cardinals games with him and his friends; that meant so much to me.

Erica: What are your thoughts regarding the current Colin Kaepernick situation? 

Karl: Regarding the Kaepernick issue my thoughts are simple. The NFL is using him as a tool to discourage any other player who wants to stand for something. They want others to say, “You better not get out of line, or this can happen to you.”

Erica: Is Colin Kaepernick skilled enough to be on a team right now? What information/stats do you have to back that up? 

Karl:  Colin Kaepernick should be playing right now. His former team [San Francisco 49ers] is 0 – 9. They traded for a quarterback that played 1 NFL game. The Cleveland Browns and Broncos stink and need a quarterback. The Houston Texans are signing guys off the street. Last year Kaepernick threw 14 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. The Cleveland Browns quarterbacks this year have thrown for only 4 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Check the stats.

Erica:  Who are your favorite quarterbacks?

Karl: Cam Newton, Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

In “Rudderless Texans Need Colin Kaepernick, Or Risk Sinking Potential Super Season”, Mike Freeman, covering the NFL for Bleacher Report says:

“This is about a much larger issue. It’s about wasted opportunities and how Colin Kaepenick may help the Texans save their season. There are a lot of bad quarterbacks in football, from sea to shining sea, but Houston’s situation is different than others’. This is a team that has a legitimate chance to make the Super Bowl, and it could still make it with Kaepernick. No, he hasn’t played in Houston’s system, nor does he know the playbook, but he’s a capable professional at the game’s most important position. It’s a pretty simple choice: With Kaepernick, Houston could win a Super Bowl. With Savage, the Texans will watch the Super Bowl on HD television like millions of others. Kaepernick hasn’t played all season, but he’s still a talent. In his last season for a 49er’s team lacking in ability, Kaepernick threw for 16 touchdowns and just four picks. He also added 468 yards on the ground. He’s still effective.”



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