The Wright’s Take A lesson From The Bees

The Wright family transforms an old barn on their property into a place of healing and educational facility for the community.

“We have a barn on our property that was built in the early to mid 1800’s and someone else would look at it and say it’s a tear down, but we have some big plans for it.,” said Yvonna Kopacz-Wright of Lomar Farms. “We want to turn this barn into a space of healing. We want to offer yoga, beekeeping classes and organic farming. One of my big dreams is to have kids come from the city and teach them how to work with their hands, really educate them on gardening, teach them how to grow their own food and how to work for themselves.”

The Wright’s learn a lesson from the bee community.

According to Wright everyone in the family is involved in the building process including her husband Brett Wright and their two daughters, Lola and Marley.

Lomar farms 2“I feel like it’s important as for as giving a bee education,” says Wright. “People shouldn’t be afraid when they see a honey bee. We learn so much from the bees. The bee community is so tight; everybody has a job and everybody does their job to benefit the species. This is a way for me to convey that message, that we all have a job in this community. We’ve taken on this responsibility to educate people about bees.”

Wright  says the dream of transforming the barn into a place of healing has been on her heart for quite some time. She decided that with the size of such a project it was time to reach out to the community for help. The Wright’s are hoping to reach their goal by May of this year.

“This is a community space,” said Wright. “We’ve had a lot of people donate and several people that are planning to donate. I think it’s a good lesson for the girls to see that people do care. Even if people can’t donate, spreading the word is just as good. We don’t want this to be just local; we want this to be global.”



Lomar farms1
Yvonna Kopacz-Wright, Queen of the Bees.

Empowering our youth.

“Most of us don’t know the names of most vegetables and never mind where they come from,” says Wright. “So, it’s an education on eating healthy. My kids grew up in the city as well and they didn’t love eating fruits and vegetables. So, when they came out here [Palisades, NY] they actually saw the process of them being planted, growing and finally tasting them. It gave them a desire to eat healthy; since they could see where they’re coming from. It’s empowering to know that you can make your own food. As humans, what do we need? We need food, water the basic necessities. If you know how to make your own food, you walk away feeling empowered.”


For more information please contact Yvonna Kopacz-Wright by email at and don’t forget to check out the Lomar Farms Go Fund Me page.

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