Lola Retreat Educates Women In Personal Finance

Lola Retreat sets out to arm women with the tools to take charge over their finances.

“Lola Retreat is a women and money event that we have hosted annually since 2017,” says Melanie Lockert Co-Founder of Lola Retreat. “We’re hoping to do more events more frequently. The goal is to empower women to get their financial life together so they can go after whatever they want in life.”

Why Women?

“What we’ve seen is that women want to talk about money in a different way than men,” says Emma Pattee, Co-Founder of Lola Retreat. “In my first hand experience, I’ve noticed  that men talk about money in more of a competitive space; it’s a different kind of energy. Women in general when it comes to finance don’t operate that way.”

Lola Retreat offers women an opportunity to come together and feel comfortable about asking questions.

“So, we wanted to create an environment with more of a collaborative vibe,” said Pattee. “Where it feels safe to raise your hand. Where you’re not going to get talked over and the competitive energy is gone. For us it felt really important to create this very vulnerable and safe conversation. And that meant it would be only women.”

The times have changed, but we still have a long way to go.

“Study after study shows that women speak up less in a room full of men and we’ve seen that time and time again,” says Lockert. “Given the financial landscape there’s been so much that has changed for women in the past 50 years. But when it comes to financial and economic empowerment, this is still something that we’re not caught up on and there’s still a lot to be done.”

How did Lola Retreat Come to be?

Founders of Lola Retreat
Photo Courtesy of Lola Retreat.

“Melanie and I first met at a finance event and we connected on this exact topic,” said Pattee. “These events aren’t conducive to women. The women weren’t raising their hands and there weren’t any real talks for women about how to get serious about finances. So, we talked to event organizers about it and that’s how it came to be.



What can newcomers expect?

“They can expect workshops that are very actionable and inspiring,” said Pattee. “Now, our goal is to not only share inspiring stories, but to also give women an action plan so they know what steps they need to take. Obviously, we can’t give individual advice for everyone. But we want to give enough financial information that people have an idea how to start a budget, how to get debt under control and how to make sure their 401k is setup.”

The conference pairs programming and socializing.

Lola Retreat 3
Photo Courtesy of Lola Retreat.

“You can expect a community vibe,” said Pattee. “We had a number of people who attended the retreat alone last year and they instantly made friends over the course of the weekend. On top of the programming we have optional activities to get people to hangout, that’s always a lot of fun.”


Lola Retreat helps attendees establish not only friendships but accountability partnerships.

“What we’re going for is to create these micro-communities where women feel comfortable talking,” said Pattee. “The accountability part is so huge, I think that’s why having an in person event is really important to us as well.”

The Line Up

The speakers for the upcoming Lola Retreat are not only experts in their fields, they’re also women.

Erin Lowry -millennial personal finance expert and author of “Broke Millennial”

Kristin Wong -New York Times Best Seller

Paulette Perhach – Author of “The Fuck Off Fund”

Diane Harris-award-winning personal finance journalist and nationally recognized financial wellness expert, speaker and the former editor-in-chief of MONEY Magazine

Sandy Smith– small business strategist and founder of Yes, I Am Cheap.

Mabel Nunez– Founder of Girls on The Money and chief investment officer.

Lola Retreat 4
Photo Courtesy of Lola Retreat.

“This is just an important time in the world for women and finance, so much is changing,” said Pattee. “We both feel the urgency in that and we want the next generation to feel alot more armed with education than our generation does.”

Upcoming event

The upcoming conference is April 27th through April 29th. The conference will be held at the Financial Gym located at 134 West 25th Street, 2nd FL, New York, NY 10001.

For more information on Lola Retreat or to purchase tickets to the upcoming conference please check out the website

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