Camille Faye, Author of Voodoo Butterfly Talks About Her New Book Out June 6th

Camille Faye is the author of “Voodoo Butterfly” it’s follow up book “Emergence” scheduled for release on June 6th. Camille lives in Missouri, enjoys spending time with her family and writes while her kiddos are in school. Her award-winning novel, “Voodoo Butterfly”, was inspired by her experiences growing up in a haunted house and her travels to 27 countries and counting!

Van Buren: When you started writing Voodoo Butterfly did you know that it would turn out to be a three book series?

Faye: Yes, I knew that I wanted to at least get a trilogy out of the series. But now I’m looking at about five books, depending on sales. I also have a spin-off series in mind involving Jacques Saint Germain, who is one of my main characters.

Van Buren: Why “Emergence” for the title of the second book?

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Photo Courtesy of Camille Faye.

Faye: Emergence has a couple of meanings. First, it is the term to describe when a butterfly comes out of its chrysalis. For Sophie Nouveau, my main character, she emerges into the voodoo community of New Orleans. The first book showed her honing her magical ability to change evil people good. She also had to establish a life in a completely new city, which was a big deal because she never knew about her family there or her family’s voodoo past. Now she’s coming into herself more and becoming a part of the larger community.

Van Buren: What’s your favorite thing about the main character?

Faye: She is one determined chick. She unexpectedly inherited a New Orleans voodoo shop along with magical abilities. I wouldn’t know the first step in processing that. So, it’s fun to write. In order to make her more human, though, I had to have the ups and downs and show readers how she struggles internally with all this newness in her world. So, she over-analyzes things, she fears things. To me, that’s how readers should be able to connect with her. She struggles, but she perseveres.

Van Buren: What inspired you to create this character and this world she’s in?

Faye: Back in December of 2008, I visited New Orleans and had a dream that woke me in the middle of the night. Right there, in my family’s rented condo, I scribbled the dream in my journal because I couldn’t go back to sleep. A flash of millions of monarch butterflies floating above New Orleans and covering St. Louis Cathedral. That church is gleaming white, but it was black and orange in my dream, because there were so many butterflies. That became the opening scene of Voodoo Butterfly. The next flash in my dream was of a woman running through the streets of the French Quarter. I knew she had the superpower to change evil people good. Those two images in that dream never let go of me. When I decided to leave my teaching job in order to raise my kids at home, I decided to write the story. I pulled that journal entry out and decided that it had to be based in New Orleans, because voodoo and Catholicism intertwine in NOLA culture so much, I incorporated the character’s magic through that American cultural tradition.

Van Buren: Have you thought about getting the series up on the big screen?

Faye: Oh my God, I would love that! The way I write is very visual and I have done camera work in the past as a broadcast journalist, so I think and write in camera angles. I joke that I should get Brad Pitt to produce the movie since he’s from Missouri and lived in New Orleans. Hey, I’m from Missouri and my story is set in New Orleans. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Fingers crossed!

Van Buren: What can readers expect in the follow up to Voodoo Butterfly?

I am a reader who LOVES twists and turns in a book. Gillian Flynn (also from Missouri) and Ruth Ware keep me up late reading and I hope to do that for my readers. Some of my fans write me and say, “I stayed up until 2 am reading your book,” and they have jobs or attend college. Part of me feels bad because I don’t want anyone to lose their job or get a bad grade, but part of me is happy that I’m doing my job well. Definitely hope to give readers a page-turner with my new book, “Emergence”.

Van Buren: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Faye: “Emergence” is available for pre-sale on Amazon and releases on June 6, 2018. “Voodoo Butterfly” has dozens of great reviews on Amazon and is available as an eBook or in print. Fans can connect with me via my website, and on Facebook at Camille Faye Author. Thanks so much, Erica, for allowing me to share my work with your readers!

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