Life After Divorce

Whether it was your decision or not to end the marriage, going through a divorce can be difficult. It’s important to know, there’s no one size fits all in getting through it.

Not everyone will respond the same way while battling divorce.

“Individuals respond differently to divorce based on the circumstances and factors surrounding the divorce,” says Dr. Rachel Needle, Licensed PsychologistCenter for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida. “For many, there is a grieving process that accompanies divorce. Accepting that a relationship is ending and all the hopes, dreams and plans for a future with someone can lead to a variety of emotions including but not limited to denial, anger, sadness, and even relief.”

According to experts with Mental Health America individuals may feel exhausted, frustrated and confused. Even if the marriage was unhealthy, venturing into the unknown can be scary.

Having a strong support system is key.

“Having support is incredibly important, especially during a time that can be difficult or if nothing else a change in your life,” said Needle. “Surrounding yourself with loved ones can make a significant difference. Studies have shown that having a network of supportive relationships is important and can contribute to psychological wellbeing.”

Putting yourself back out there can be tricky. It all boils down to the individual and where they are in dealing with the divorce.

“A number of factors contribute to whether getting in a serious relationship soon after one ends is a good idea or not,” said Needle. “Some will not yet be in a place emotionally to begin a new relationship. Having time to grieve and process emotions can help you get back to a place where you are open and ready to look for someone new. For others, they’ve been ready to move on for quite some time even while in their previous relationship. For others, beginning a new relationship soon after ending one, can actually help them through their feelings about their ex-partner and can lead to increased confidence and general well-being.”

Take this time to focus on yourself.

Experts encourage individuals battling divorce to take time to explore their interests. Reconnect with the things you enjoy apart from your spouse. Consider signing up for a class, find a hobby or volunteering. This is a great time to really focus on enjoying life.

Don’t be afraid to seek the help of a licensed medical professional.

According to Needle, “Divorce can be a significant transition in one’s life. It’s a big change for many and can be stressful and painful. Therapy when going through a life transition such as a divorce can be very helpful in working through accompanying emotions, developing healthy coping mechanisms, achieving personal growth, creating healthy boundaries, decision making and working towards living a satisfying and healthy life.”

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